Information Circular No 4/2015

By General Secretary



The Adjudication hearing for a review of the terms applying to Post ’94 personnel was held this morning in Defence Forces Headquarters.

The adjudication commenced at 10:30 Hrs. Having welcomed both parties Mr Brendan Duffy initially satisfied himself that the matter was appropriate for adjudication. In the absence of any objection from either party the hearing then commenced.

Having decided that the matter was appropriate for adjudication, the Adjudicator invited PDFORRA to give an opening statement on the claim. Thereafter, Mr Gerry Rooney, General Secretary, gave a comprehensive presentation of PDFORRA’s claim. Afterward, a number of questions were asked regarding elements of the presentation.


Subsequently, the Department of Defence presented an opening statement, which included the policy reasons why, in their belief, PDFORRA’s claim could not be conceded in full.

Thereafter, the Adjudicator asked a significant number of questions of the Department.

Finally, having asked both parties to summarise their positions, the Adjudicator stated that it was his intention to have a ruling for both parties in the coming weeks.

PDFORRA intend, post receiving the recommendation of the Adjudicator, to inform the membership of the details through the issuance of an Information Circular, and the organisation of briefing meetings in all Districts.

Please Display on Notice Boards                                                                                                                                                                                 Issued on: 30/01/2015


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