Information Circular No 1/2015: Amendment to Admin Instruction A.10 – Continuance in Service

By Industrial Relations Officer

Arising from recent negotiations at DFHQ Forum it has been agreed to amend Admin Instruction Part 10 to include a new paragraph – number 238.  This amendment sets out the actions to be undertaken by Commanding Officers when personnel make an application to be continued in service and but for lack of overseas service, would be permitted to Continue in Service.

This new paragraph – number 238, sets out that upon receipt of an AF 642 the Commanding Officer will:

  • Initiate a medical examination.
  • Complete Part III (Recommendation of Commanding Officer). If the applicant does not fulfil the conditions in respect of overseas service the Commanding Officer shall:
  1.  Set out the reason within an AF 667B why, in their belief, the applicant did not complete the requisite number of overseas tours.
  2. Allow the applicant to make any observations that they may have to be included within the 667B, and
  3. Prepare a sub-file to include all applications for overseas service made by the applicant in the previous four (4) years, AF 667’s and any AF 667B’s issued to the applicant in the previous four (4) years and a Special 667 to include the Commanding Officer’s recommendation.

The foregoing sub-file will be submitted to a Continuance in Service Board who will make a recommendation to the Formation GOC or FOCNS.

The Continuance in Service Board will consist of a President who shall be of the rank of Commandant and two (2) other members, one of whom shall be a Senior NCO.

Where an adverse determination is made by the GOC or FOCNS, the sub-file shall be forwarded to DCOS (Sp) for a final determination.

PDFORRA requests that all members engaging in this process make contact with their District Committees to ensure that they receive appropriate guidance on the processes involved.


Issued on: 05/01/2015

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