Information Circular No 28/2014: Agreement Technician Pay – Group 1

By Industrial Relations Officer

In accordance with paragraph 1.3 of the Defence Sector Agreement arising under the Croke Park Agreement, it was agreed that a review would be undertaken of the current Technician grading of appointments and/or classes of appointments for enlisted personnel.  As part of this review, it was agreed that consideration would be taken of whether current requirements merit such Technician pay and are at the appropriate rate of Technician pay (including whether a higher or lower rate of Technician pay should be paid) or can be met in a more cost effective manner.

Arising from this review, the following agreement was reached:

With effect from the 01 January 2015, and subject to paragraphs NO’s. 1 & 2, only the following categories of drivers will qualify for Group 1 Technician Pay provided that they are serving in appointments in the Permanent Defence Force establishment (CS4) designated as Group 1 Technician Pay Driver Appointments and are undertaking and discharging the relevant duties of that appointment on a day- to- day basis:

a.   Enlisted personnel driving vehicles which require the driver to hold a category C, CE, D or DE driver license under the provisions of DIRECTIVE 2006/126/EC of                 20 December 2006 on driving licences.

b.   Enlisted personnel who drive armoured military vehicles (e.g. Scorpion CRTV, MOWAG APCs and LTAVs).

c.     NCO Driver Instructors in relation to vehicles at (a) and (b) above.

With effect from the 01 January 2015 and subject to the following paragraphs NO’s. 1 & 2 – Group 1 Technician Pay will no longer be paid to persons holding Clerk appointments which previously attracted Group 1 Technician Pay.  In addition, any appointments involving general clerical or administrative duties, the use computers, laptops or other such devices, or the operation of any business /data/IT applications in use in the Defence Forces will not by virtue of those duties attract any additional payment or Technician Pay.

1.      Personnel, who on 01 January 2015, are holding appointments and/or performing duties which previously attracted Group 1 Technician Pay, will retain their Group 1 Technician Pay on a personal to holder basis where they continue to hold appointments and/or perform duties which before that date would have attracted Group 1 Technician Pay. 

2.      Where after the 01 January 2015, a person in receipt of Group 1 Technician Pay on a personal to holder basis voluntarily moves to a new appointment whether or not it attracts Technician Pay, or is promoted, or becomes entitled to the same or a different rate of Technician Pay, or to some other allowance in the nature of pay, then payment of Group 1 Technician Pay on a personal to holder basis to that individual will cease.

It is very important that personnel are familiar with the aforementioned criteria when making future career choices.  PDFORRA, in reaching this agreement, have secured the payment of Group 1 Technician Pay on a personal to holder basis for personnel who currently hold the payment, subject to the aforementioned caveats.  The retention of this payment is contingent on personnel exercising sound judgement in respect of their future careers.


Issued on: 04/12/2014

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