Information Circular No 27/2014: Upper Service Limits applying to Post 1994 Entrants and Statement of Claim for Adjudication

By Industrial Relations Officer

Conciliation Council Report No 462 on the upper service limit to be applied to Post 1st Jan 1994 personnel of Private and Corporal rank has been signed.  The report records the fact that the Department of Defence did concede that certain Grp 3 Technicians and higher of Private and Corporal rank could have an upper service limit of 50 yrs of age and also that currently serving Corporals could serve for the duration of the current and next NCO promotion competitions.  These concessions and the associated demand to apply an upper service limit of 15 yrs on new entrant Private Line – Tech 2 were considered insufficient to conclude an agreement on.

Following this, PDFORRA has submitted the necessary statement of claim to the Department of Defence for onward transmission to the Adjudicator.  Once the Department has completed its submission the case will be referred to the Adjudicator and the case will then be heard. This is expected shortly.

The statement of claim is built around a number of themes with the main ones being:  Efficiency, Effectiveness and Value for Money; Personal Impact, International Comparisons and, significantly, Standardisation with the conditions applying to other public servants.  The PDFORRA team that has built and argued the case has informed the National Executive that the claim leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to advance the interests of the membership in this case.

PDFORRA is continuing with negotiations on exit support measures and on the question of a severance payment to apply to those who may be the subject of compulsory exit.

Issued on: 28/11/2014

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