PDFORRA Confirms Attendance of Executive Members at ICTU Demonstration


PDFORRA, the association representing soldiers, sailors and aircrew of the Defence Forces, has confirmed that members of its National Executive will attend the demonstration on Saturday 20th February 2009 in support of the ICTUs attempt to resurrect the Social Partnership process and introduce a Social Solidarity Pact.

PDFORRA’s General Secretary, Gerry Rooney said, “Members of PDFORRA’s National Executive will be attending the ICTU demonstration on Saturday. This is being done to show support for ICTU’s efforts to resurrect the Social Partnership process and introduce a Social Solidarity Pact. PDFORRA is satisfied that the attendance at the demonstration is not contrary to any military regulations”.

Gerry Rooney also said “Ordinary members of the Defence Forces are angry that they are being singled out to pay a Pension Levy when others, some of whom are very highly paid, are making no contribution to help resolve the poor budgetary situation. It is accepted that everyone will have to contribute towards resolving the current problems but this should be done in a fair and equitable manner. The unjust measures proposed by the Government will place undue hardship on many of our members who have young families and are not in receipt of large salaries. We have had a large number of calls from members all around the country, who fail to understand why they are being targeted – not having contributed in any way to the current crisis. Our members are particularly angered by the large salaries still being quoted for our senior bankers – some of whom will now benefit from a massive contribution of taxpayers money”

Special rules exist under the Defence Acts in respect of PDFORRA, which restricts its ability to engage in public agitation on certain matters and in certain circumstances.

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