Information Circular No 23/2014: Compensation for Loss of Earnings Under the Haddington Road Agrement

By Industrial Relations Officer

In March 2013, PDFORRA submitted a claim for loss of earnings arising from the closure of a number of Barracks in March 2012.  The claim was submitted in respect of personnel whom PDFORRA alleged had suffered an actual loss of earnings resulting from the loss of regular, fixed, rostered duties.  The issue was discussed at a number of Conciliation Council meetings between March 2013 and June 2014.

Following discussions it was agreed that a continuous 12 month period, immediately before and after the Barracks closures, would be examined and compared in respect of a list of personnel, to be supplied by PDFORRA to determine if any losses had been suffered.

Having regard to the potential onerous administrative burden compiling individual reports it was also agreed that only Security Duty Allowance would be examined and that any overseas or Prison Duty Allowances, paid within the periods concerned, would be disregarded for the purposes of calculating individual losses.

In cases where the Department accepted a loss of earnings, the rate of compensation at 1.5 times the value of the actual loss was agreed subject to a first moiety of 50% of the compensation due being paid immediately on signing of an Agreed Report with the remaining 50% of the amount due being paid six months thereafter.

PDFORRA would ask that all potentially affected personnel make contact with their District Committee to ensure that they are on the list of personnel to be compensated.

A window of opportunity currently exists for personnel who are not on the initial list to make contact with PDFORRA to ensure that they are included in the supplementary list to be submitted in ONE (1) months’ time. However, the Department have indicated that this is a once off opportunity and that they do not intend to re-visit this claim subsequently.

Any person wishing to make a claim please contact 1800-200 250 as soon as possible but not later than Friday 21st November 2014.


Issued on: 22/10/2014

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