PDFORRA calls for ‘Personal Support Services’ (PSS) for troops on current UNDOF mission on Golan

By Industrial Relations Officer

At their Annual Delegate Conference in Sligo today PDFORRA called for the implementation of a recommendation in the recent IMG report in respect to the provision of greater access to PSS to those who are currently serving with the UNDOF mission Golan Heights.

PDFORRA, the association representing soldiers, sailors and aircrew of the Permanent Defence Force has called for the implementation of an IMG recommendation to provide appropriate access to the Personal Support Services (PSS) to the current UNDOF mission in the Golan Heights as well as future overseas missions.

Gerry Rooney, General Secretary said: “The PSS provide excellent services to address stress arising from serious incidents and those serving with UNDOF find themselves in this situation following the recent incidents.  Provision of timely stress relieving services would represent professional recognition of the very difficult circumstances that those serving on the Golan Heights have endured during their tour of duty”.

Gerry Rooney also said: “In the immediate future, overseas UN missions will become more unpredictable in nature and the greater availability of the PSS to address stress in these   circumstances will be important to those involved, their families and the Defence Forces.  Quicker access to the PSS will act as an additional support to those on active service”.

In the most recent IMG Report, published earlier this month, a key recommendation on personnel support services (PSS), stated, “In the context of the important role played by BPSSOs the IMG recommends that consideration should be given to ensuring that overseas missions have appropriate access to a BPSSO (Barracks Personnel Services Support Officer).

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