Information Circular No 16/2014: 2014 – NCO Promotion Competition

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following the expiration of the 2012 Order of Merit list for NCO promotion, PDFORRA have agreed to a framework for a new competition to commence over the coming months.

The new agreement is titled CCR 448A and is an interim agreement which will remain in place until after the substantive review of CCR 448 is completed.

A number of modifications have been made in CCR 448A that are designed to ensure a more effective operation of the agreement, these include:

  • Time spent in current rank necessary to compete in this competition is (2) years.
  • The Annex “SS” provides for greater breakdown in locations, thus affording members greater discretion in terms of location, unit, selection.
  • All line and technical personnel, of a similar rank, will be interviewed by the same Board.
  • The transitional measure of reducing the hearing grade to Grade 4 for promotion to Sgt, in certain circumstances, remains in place for this competition.
  • The necessity for personnel to have completed an annual medical examination within 12 months of first advertisements is mitigated by the ability for personnel to be interviewed without the necessary medical.  However, personnel will only be promoted upon completion of the necessary medical examination.
  • Similarly, in certain circumstances, greater latitude is provided for in respect of the Defence Forces Fitness Test.

It is the intention of the Military Authorities to publish notification of the competition in Routine Orders in the coming weeks and that file and interview panel preparation will commence thereafter.


Issued on: 15/07/2014

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