Information Circular No 15/2014: Recommendation for Overseas Service and Medical Examinations

By Industrial Relations Officer

Para 3005 (a) of C.S. 5 provides that in relation to Medical Examination: “all provisional selectees shall undergo a full medical examination prior to deployment to determine their fitness or otherwise for the mission in question”.

Further, on the basis of C.S. 5, a Unit Commander’s recommendation is contingent upon the applicant meeting those criteria set out in Para’s 201 to 203 of Annex D, inclusive.  However, the preceding does not provide for a non-recommendation on the basis of an absence of a current annual medical examination.

Moreover, prior to nomination Para 109 of Annex D states that in relation to Medical “on the advice of a medical officer, commanding officers shall consider physical and mental fitness”.  Further, commanding officers are also required to consider the current medical classification code against the Medical Classification Code (MCC) for the relevant mission.  The current medical classification is that which is recorded at the time of application.

In summary, personnel under 40 years of age are entitled to apply for overseas service in circumstances where they have not had an annual medical examination.  However, their selection is contingent upon passing their overseas medical and satisfying the other qualifying criteria.

For personnel who are over 40 years of age, Para 101 (c ) of Annex D of C.S. 5 may restrict their ability to apply, insofar as it outlines the necessity for personnel “volunteering for overseas deployment must have successfully completed current physical tests”, prior to nomination, thus necessitating an annual medical.


Issued on: 01/07/2014

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