Information Circular No 14/2014: Posting/Transfer of Personnel – End of NCO Promotion Competition 2012

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following the expiry of the 2012 NCO Promotion Agreement Order of Merit lists for Sergeant ranks and Higher, GOCs (FOCNS) will have the authority to post/transfer individuals as outlined in DFR A10.  The filling of appointments on this basis will be conditional on those concerned meeting the assignment qualifications for the appointment outlined in Annex ‘XYZ’.

The above measures will not be applied where the Order of Merit end dates have not been reached and promotion opportunities remain eg Air Corps RQMS Tech 3 – 6.

The Military Authorities intend to facilitate this process in order to ensure that there are no movements required during the next promotion competition and it will also make clear which vacant appointments are available to be filled on promotion in the next competition.

Negotiations on a new ‘interim’ NCO Promotion Competition for Sergeant ranks and Higher will be concluded and launched shortly.


Issued on: 19/06/2014

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