Information Circular No 13/2014: Up-Rated Pay Scale Agreed for Post 1st Jan 2013 Enlisted Personnel Who Are Members of the Single Pension Scheme

By Industrial Relations Officer

Agreement has been reached on an up-rated pay scale for all post 1st Jan 2013 Enlisted Personnel to whom the Single Pension Scheme is applied.

The up-rated scale provides for a 5.26% increase on all points of the pay scale, technician pay and Military Service Allowance.  The increase will also apply to allowances in the nature of pay.

With the introduction of the Single Pension Scheme and its requirement for an explicit personal pension contribution of 7.5%, PDFORRA argued that this took no account of the fact that the pay of Enlisted Personnel was already depressed by 5% in lieu of a pension contribution.  The newly agreed up-rated scale recognises this fact and delivers on the PDFORRA position.

PDFORRA has been informed the newly agreed up-rated rates will be applied with effect from 25th June 2014 and will include arrears of pay.  It is planned that upgrades and additional allowances will be paid with effect from 2nd July 2014.  The Department of Defence has indicated that the foregoing payment commitments are subject to successful resolution of technical problems related to the pay system.

Issued on: 18/06/2014

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