External Relations

Relations with other Representative Organisations

The ICPSA is an umbrella group of unions and representative associations in the civil and professional services area. Affiliated to this group are PDFORRA, RACO, GRA, AGSI, CSA and the IBOA. This association lobbies the Government and other agencies on behalf of its affiliates. It is also allowed to nominate candidates for the Senate. EUROMIL The European Organisation for Military Associations represents approximately 500,000 military personnel across Europe. It played a vital role in the fight for recognition of PDFORRA and continues to fight for recognition of representative associations in other European countries where military personnel are prohibited from taking part in representative matters. It also lobbies the European Commission, Parliament and other European agencies on behalf of its member organisations.

Eurofedop was established at the first congress of the International Federation of Employees in the Public Service, held in Vienna, Austria, in 1966, Eurofedop groups Christian and other democratic trade unions in Europe.

The 55 members are public service trade unions of the following countries: Austria, Albania, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and United Kingdom.

The principal aim of Eurofedop is to promote co-operation between public service trade unions throughout Europe and represent the interests of employees in the public service to the European Union. In order to achieve this, Eurofedop promotes the creation of a representative and pluralist European Social Dialogue, either formally or informally, in the Public Sector.

In order to increase co-operation between our members, 7 trade councils have been created: Postal Services and Telecommunications, Local and Regional Authorities, Ministries & Finances, Health Services, Police, Defence, Justice. The task of the Trade Councils consists mainly in providing mutual information, adopt resolutions on issues regarding their sector and to inform and advise the Executive Committee of Eurofedop. All trade councils meet at least once a year.

Eurofedop is a member of the Liaison Committee of the Council of Europe.