Members of PDFORRA benefit from a variety of Offers to Members which add up to great savings for the member and their families.



Deals for Members

PDFORRA have managed to secure significant savings for our members through negotiation with a number of companies.

The focus for PDFORRA has been to secure savings in the significant areas of expenditure for our members, including, Car Insurance, Mobile Phone Bills, Travel Insurance, Health Insurance and Banking Costs.

Additionally, PDFORRA has negotiated arrangements with HMCA and companies involved in Life Insurance.

Recently, PDFORRA negotiated preferential arrangements with Rockwell Finance for services that they provide. It is believed that these will secure additional savings for our members.

To view the full range of deals secured for our members please login to the members area. If you are having difficulty logging in please contact HQ for advice.

PDFORRA constantly strive to secure savings where possible for our members. In the event that you wish PDFORRA to try and secure savings in a particular area please make contact with your District Committee. Alternatively, contact HQ on 1800-200250