Information Circular No 01/2018: Payroll Issues

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following the submission of a number of queries by PDFORRA to Conciliation and Arbitration Branch, members are advised in the first instance to contact their Unit Pay Clerks in relation to the issues set out hereunder:


Under no circumstances should an NCO or Soldier contact the PSSC or the Payroll Administration Section without having first made contact with their Pay Clerk.

Contact the PSSC if you have any queries about payment of pay:

Queries about all statutory deductions including:

• PAYE e.g. tax credits, refunds
• Universal Social Charge (USC)
• Local Property Tax (LPT)

Queries about:

• Calculation of arrears
• P45 or P60
• Certificates of earnings e.g. when applying for a bank loan
• Voluntary (non-statutory) deductions from pay i.e. VHI, GANBO, CAFNBO, Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s), Credit Union (ANSAC)


Contact Payroll Administration Section, Finance Branch in the Department of Defence:

Queries about pay entitlements including:

• Entitlements to various permanent allowances – Acting, Instructors, Technical Pay etc.
• Promotion and increment enquiries
• Status updates on allowance claims,
e.g. Security, Patrol Duties.

Other queries:

• Discharge enquires
• New Entrants/Recruits
• Pension Schemes

However, in the event that difficulties persist in respect of issues with your pay, PDFORRA requests that members contact their District Representatives, or alternatively, PDFORRA HQ directly. Members are reminded that they have statutory entitlements under the Payment of Wages Act 1991, which PDFORRA have utilised to the benefit of members previously.


Issued on the 01/01/2018

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