Information Circular No 4/2017: NCO Promotion Competition 2017 – 2019: Reduction in Minimum Service in Rank Requirement in Certain Circumstances

By Industrial Relations Officer

Conciliation Council Report No 448B provides the basis for the NCO Promotion Competition 2017 – 2019, which has now been launched.  The Agreement includes the possibility of reducing the agreed minimum service in the rank requirement (currently set at 3 years’ in the Army and Air Corps and 2 years’ in the Naval Service respectively) in certain circumstances.

Where operational needs require it, D COS (Sp) may agree to reduce the minimum service requirement to produce a pool of candidates for a competition to meet an identified operational capability gap that cannot be filled by existing numbers of qualified candidates.

Members who believe that the foregoing circumstances may be applicable to their sub-unit, unit, corps or formation should being the matter to the attention of their OC; CO; Corps Director or GOC, including FOCNS, as soon as possible.  Where appropriate, submissions will be made to D COS (Sp) for consideration.

In addition, members should inform PDFORRA of the case in order that the matter may be raised through the Conciliation and Arbitration Branch (Military).


Issued on the 17/02/2017

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