Information Circular No 3/2017: Important Reasons to Join and Support PDFORRA

By Industrial Relations Officer

SOLIDARITY          Being a member of PDFORRA allows you to express solidarity with Enlisted Personnel of all Ranks and Contracts as evidenced by the stand taken on the Lansdowne Rd Agreement in support of the 2013 Privates.

WORKPLACE EQUALITY          Being a member of PDFORRA is the best way to benefit from PDFORRAs record of advancing the rights and interests of the LGBT community; Women; Families; Parents and other groups.

EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS             PDFORRA will maximise to your benefit your individual Employment Rights thereby ensuring you receive the correct pay, allowances, pensions, leave, holidays, rations, selection for courses/overseas and continued employment.

MEMBERSHIP LEVELS               PDFORRA is stronger and more likely to advance pay and conditions if it has high membership levelsThe higher the membership levels of your rank, technician grade or other grouping the stronger PDFORRA will be in advancing the associated pay and conditions.

SAFETY        PDFORRAs efforts on Safety have, along with Safety Representatives activities, contributed to making the workplace a safer place for Enlisted Personnel.  Major improvements in addressing bullying and harassment have been instituted on PDFORRAs initiative.

PAY AND CONDITIONS               Enlisted Personnel have improved pay and conditions and mitigated loses during tougher times because of PDFORRAs collective bargaining rights.

INFORMATION                  PDFORRA understands that information is power and provides its members with timely and accurate information that can be relied on to advance and protect their interests through briefings; the Irish Defender; Conferences and PDFORRAs two websites.

SCHEMES                PDFORRA has established access to a range of schemes, including credit union services, serious illness cover, mobile phone deal and travel insurance – which provide you with a quality service, represent value for money and at least cover the cost of subscriptions.

ADVICE                    PDFORRA has experience in addressing a wider range of issues arising from service in the Permanent Defence Force and shares this experience in the form of good advice for the benefit of its members.

CONTROL                Enlisted Personnel have greater control over their working lives because of the agreements PDFORRA reached with the Department of Defence and the Military Authorities. PDFORRA has concluded over 200 agreements on a wide range of matters.


Issued on the 17/02/2017

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