Information Circulars

Information Circular No 8/2017: NCO Promotion Competition 2017 – 2018:- Update

By Industrial Relations Officer

The NCO Promotion Competition 2017 – 2019 as originally published is being re-scheduled to ensure that the originally agreed provisions of CCR No 448B are applied. It was originally agreed that candidates who met the service in the rank requirement of three (3) years in the Army and Air Corps and two (2) years in […]

Information Circular No 4/2017: NCO Promotion Competition 2017 – 2019: Reduction in Minimum Service in Rank Requirement in Certain Circumstances

By Industrial Relations Officer

Conciliation Council Report No 448B provides the basis for the NCO Promotion Competition 2017 – 2019, which has now been launched.  The Agreement includes the possibility of reducing the agreed minimum service in the rank requirement (currently set at 3 years’ in the Army and Air Corps and 2 years’ in the Naval Service respectively) […]

Information Circular No 3/2017: Important Reasons to Join and Support PDFORRA

By Industrial Relations Officer

SOLIDARITY          Being a member of PDFORRA allows you to express solidarity with Enlisted Personnel of all Ranks and Contracts as evidenced by the stand taken on the Lansdowne Rd Agreement in support of the 2013 Privates. WORKPLACE EQUALITY          Being a member of PDFORRA is the best way to benefit from PDFORRAs record of advancing the […]

Information Circular No 7/2017: Lansdowne Road Agreement – Main Elements

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA is now consulting its members on the Lansdowne Rd Agreement (LRA) with the intention of formally agreeing to the application of its terms before 1st April 2017.  The main terms of the Lansdowne Rd Agreement are as follows: 1st January 2016:       The exemption threshold for payment of Pension Related Deduction (PRD) will increase from […]

Information Circular No 6/2017: Lansdowne Road Agreement

By Industrial Relations Officer

Discussions on the pay of Privates entering the Permanent Defence Force (PDF) since 2013 were held in the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) on Friday, 17th February 2017.  The WRC facilitated the talks between PDFORRA, Department of Defence and D PER and the talks concluded with an agreement that now allows PDFORRA to consider accepting the […]

Information Circular No 5/2017: 2013 Private Pay & Haddington Road Agreement – Clarifications

By Industrial Relations Officer

Discussions held on Friday, 17th February 2017 between PDFORRA, Defence and D PER, which were facilitated by the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), have concluded with agreement. The WRC noted that the parties have agreed the parameters within which they will conclude their discussions on pay and these concluding discussions will be held in tandem with […]

Information Circular No 2/2017: Electronic Payslips

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has recently been contacted by members concerned about requests for civilian email addresses from the military authorities. Following these contacts, PDFORRA submitted correspondence to Defence Forces Conciliation and Arbitration Branch (C&A) seeking clarification on the issues raised by members, principle among these being the issue of payslips being sent directly to civilian email addresses […]

Information Circular No 1/2017: Home Carers Tax Credit

By Industrial Relations Officer

A Home Carer’s Tax Credit is a tax credit given to married couples or civil partners (who are jointly assessed for tax) where one spouse or civil partner works in the home caring for a dependent person. It was announced in Budget 2017 that the Home Carer’s Tax Credit given to married couples or civil […]



CLARIFICATION OF MEDICAL EXAMINATION CRITERIA RECOMMENDATION FOR PROMOTION   ‘A’ Administrative Instruction Part 10, Para 344 (e) refers; “have completed an annual medical examination within twelve months of the date on which the Promotion Competition is first advertised.”  “Where application is made by an NCO serving overseas, he/she will be assessed on his/her Overseas Medical […]

Information Circular No 31/2016: PDFORRA Membership – Density Increasing

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRAs end of year membership density for 2016 has increased to 86% and this represents a 1.5% rise since 2015. Prior to the 2008 crisis, PDFORRA had membership levels around 92% and the trend in recent years has been moving back in that direction. PDFORRA has never had a membership density of less than 83%. […]