Information Circular No 10/2017: Lansdowne Road Agreement

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following a period of consultation with the membership, agreement has been reached with the Department of Defence on the application of the Lansdowne Rd Agreement (LRA) to the ranks represented by PDFORRA. A formal written agreement will be drawn up and arrangements will be made to pay the pay increases provided for by the Agreement […]

Information Circular No 15/2015 CLAIM FOR ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS


CLAIM FOR ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS LE EITHNE   The Department has not made a further improved offer in negotiations following PDFORRAs second submission on the claim. Given that the Department’s initial offer was presented as a final offer it is clear that no room for further negotiation now exists in what are unprecedented circumstances. This position […]

Information Circular No 13/2015: Extension of the Haddington Rd Agreement

By Industrial Relations Officer

The National Executive has considered the outcome of the discussions conducted in parallel with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) regarding the Government’s proposed extension of the Haddington Rd Agreement. The proposed increases in the Pension Related Deduction (PRD) threshold and increases in pay on elements of annualised salaries is, in the current circumstances, […]

Information Circular No 12/2015: Implementation of New Policy on Limited-Restricted Acting / Substitution

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following protracted negotiations between the Department and PDFORRA, agreement has been reached on a new policy regarding Acting/Substitution in limited circumstances. Circumstances that give rise to a claim for Acting/Substitution are – where the individual is in a clear position of Command, Logistical, Financial or Technical/Professional ability and it is not possible to share the […]

Information Circular No 7/2013: Extension to Croke Park Agreement – Final Proposals

By Industrial Relations Officer

Negotiations on the Extension to the Croke Park Agreement have concluded and final proposals have been agreed.  The main elements of the Defence Sector proposals are as follows: A 10% reduction in the case of most allowances e.g. SDA, Border Allowance, Overseas Allowances, Patrol Duty Allowance, Prison Duty Allowance, EOD Allowance, ARW Allowance, Instructors Allowance […]