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Information Circular No 4/2015

By General Secretary

ADJUDICATION  HEARING UPPER SERVICE LIMITS FOR POST 1994 PERSONNEL The Adjudication hearing for a review of the terms applying to Post ’94 personnel was held this morning in Defence Forces Headquarters. The adjudication commenced at 10:30 Hrs. Having welcomed both parties Mr Brendan Duffy initially satisfied himself that the matter was appropriate for adjudication. In […]

Information Circular No 3/2015: Post 1994 Personnel – Annual Leave Entitlements on Discharge

By Industrial Relations Officer

Recently, members undergoing various retirement courses, run by the Military Authorities, were informed that they did NOT qualify for their full entitlement of Annual Leave preceding Discharge. Following successful intervention by PDFORRA, the Military Authorities have agreed that those ‘who do not meet the laid down criteria for continuance in service, are to be afforded […]

Information Circular No 2/2015: Budget 2015 – Changes to Weekly Pay

By Industrial Relations Officer

The Minister for Finance, in his Budget 2015 speech, outlined a number of measures in relation to changes to income tax bands and reductions to both the higher rate of Income Tax and reductions in the rates of Universal Social Charges (USC). Reductions in USC Rates and Increases to USC Thresholds Private with 3 Yrs […]

Information Circular No 1/2015: Amendment to Admin Instruction A.10 – Continuance in Service

By Industrial Relations Officer

Arising from recent negotiations at DFHQ Forum it has been agreed to amend Admin Instruction Part 10 to include a new paragraph – number 238.  This amendment sets out the actions to be undertaken by Commanding Officers when personnel make an application to be continued in service and but for lack of overseas service, would […]

Information Circular No 28/2014: Agreement Technician Pay – Group 1

By Industrial Relations Officer

In accordance with paragraph 1.3 of the Defence Sector Agreement arising under the Croke Park Agreement, it was agreed that a review would be undertaken of the current Technician grading of appointments and/or classes of appointments for enlisted personnel.  As part of this review, it was agreed that consideration would be taken of whether current […]

Information Circular No 27/2014: Upper Service Limits applying to Post 1994 Entrants and Statement of Claim for Adjudication

By Industrial Relations Officer

Conciliation Council Report No 462 on the upper service limit to be applied to Post 1st Jan 1994 personnel of Private and Corporal rank has been signed.  The report records the fact that the Department of Defence did concede that certain Grp 3 Technicians and higher of Private and Corporal rank could have an upper […]