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Information Circular No 22/2014: Adjudication Report – Replacement of Reserve Defence Force (RDF) Allowance With Subsistence Allowance

By Industrial Relations Officer

On the 5th of July 2014, PDFORRA presented its case to the Adjudicator for the retention and pension-ability of the aforementioned RDF Allowance.  The case arises from Conciliation Council Report No. 449.  This report outlines the negotiations that took place between the Department of Defence and PDFORRA regarding the introduction of an appropriate and verifiable […]

Information Circular No 21/2014: Petition Seeking an Increase in the Upper Service Limit of Post 1st Jan 1994 Enlisted Personnel of Private and Corporal Rank to 50 Years of Age – Sent to Minister for Defence

By Industrial Relations Officer

The petition calling for an increase in the upper service limit of post 1st January 1994 Enlisted Personnel of Private and Corporal rank to 50 years of age has been sent to the Minster for Defence, Mr Simon Coveney, TD.  By the end of July 2014 a total of 1,300 PDFORRA members had signed the […]

Information Circular No 20/2014: Impact of Moratorium on Promotion on Substitution/Acting Rank Arrangements

By Industrial Relations Officer

On 29th March 2009, the Government introduced a moratorium on promotion and/or the payment of an allowance for higher duties which includes substitution/acting rank promotions.  Arrangements are to be made to assign work of a higher rank/grade to existing holders of the rank or through the division of the work between a number of appointment […]

Information Circular No 17/2014: Negotiations on Upper Service Limits Applying to Post 1994 Entrants of Pte and Cpl Rank – Conclude Without Agreement

By Industrial Relations Officer

Negotiations on the upper service limits applying to Post-1994 entrants Ptes and Cpls have concluded without agreement being reached.  The main elements that featured in the negotiations were as follows: 1.         The Department of Defence sought to limit the maximum period that new entrant Ptes (Line) could serve for up to 15 yrs; new entrant […]

RTE Radio 1 Interview – Post 1994 Personnel

By Editor

PDFORRA will be on RTE Radio 1 tomorrow afternoon (10 August 2014) from 1 to 2 PM.  The 1 hour discussion will focus on the Post 1994 members of the Defence Forces. Click HERE to go to the RTE Radio 1 website.


By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA, the association representing soldiers, sailors and aircrew of the Permanent Defence Force, has called on the new Minister for Defence, Mr Simon Coveney, TD, to increase the upper service limits that apply to some of its members. Some personel serving as Privates and Corporals, who enlisted in 1994 and afterwards are now facing the […]